New Cashmere Fibre Lines

Cashmere Fibre new machines


For more than 20 years Prinitex has been at the forefront of textile machinery engineering, specializing in the manufacture of equipment for the processing of long precision fibres like cashmere and lamm fibres.

Formed in 1995 by textile engineer with machinery design specialization, Prinitex has grown today to be the important solution for supplying turnkey plants to the early stage of cashmere fibre sector.

We have developed using machinery from other manufactures and our machines, turnkey process machines to cover process sectors like scouring, deharing and loading.

Turnkey Cashmere Fibre plant

We provide our specialized personnel to work on the plant.

We give running trials for cashmere fibre which is most important aspect of this work as proper machinery settings are required for this special fibre.

a wide range of specializations within the company enables prinitex to offer a bespoke service to meet the specific requirements of cashmere/lamm fibre manufacture.

Turnkey project

We have also made some specific machine with new approach of deharing




Dusting is done before deharing, and large impurities are dusted out.

Dehairing process is complex and expensive, and a clearer knowledge of this process should lead to better animal breeding, fibre preparation, processing and financial returns.

Efficiencing of dehairing and the effect on lenght of dehaired cashmere is important.


Model GER 308 Deharing

Width 1.5 to 2.2 meters

With Hopper Feeder

Made from years of experience of fine wool treatment in Biella, our machine comes with the solution of high production of dehairing without going to traditional carding type dehairing or series of cylinders with low productivity.

This machine has been designed for dehairing of Fine fibres such Lamm, Cashmere.

Our cashmere dehairing line is of unique design to separate the guard heavy coarse fibers from the fine Fibre (12 to 15 micron).

The main characterstics of our dehairing line GER 308 are:

  1. High production due to higher width of machine
  2. Dehairing done using a series of Cylinders and carding Operation
  3. Slower running high circumference of cylinders gives gentle treatment at thes ame time giving high production
  4. Our unique design to use the entrance of fibre with airflow to make heavy guard fibers to drop and finer wool to proceed on the main cylinders
  5. Main cylinders with workers and strippers made of our own wire setting and design
  6. Gentle treatment to eliminate coarse guard hair and bring to to international standards of 0.1% to 0.2%
  7. Hopper feeder with weighing scale for exact working of fiber quantity in the machine in order to control the flow and quantity
  8. Complete elimination of scurf and any other impurities with use of different types of clothings and undergrids
  9. High productivity so good for all cashmere fiber producers . Our machine has good productiivity there by results in lower operation cost and higher economic results.
    Good for smaller lot production also:
  10. Minimum labour involved
  11. Minimum fiber damage
  12. Machines comes with also centralized dust and waste collection
  13. Central operating panel for the machine
  14. Compact design and easy operation. We have kept the machine easy to maintainand operate
  15. Our team will install and give necessary layout instrucitons. Foundation needed for the machine to work on height to operate easy removal of droppings and guard hair

Please contact for detailed meeting with your company and also visit you for fibre collection, sorting and testing advise. We will offer turnkey plant machinery after such visit and meetings and complete specific study of the fibre.

Contact us for any new fibre you want to seperate or dehair.

Innovative fibre treatment can be designed.

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